We love taco night at our house- anything taco!  So, these cute little taco shell bowls were something different and fun to try!  We had lots of mushrooms in our house,  so I decided to make them veggie using mushrooms instead of meat!  They turned out pretty yummy and cute!

Veggie Taco Bowls

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First I warmed up the corn tortillas by wrapping them in a paper towel and putting them in the microwave for about 40 seconds.  I sprayed them with olive oil cooking spray on both sides and put them on an upside down muffin tin (see picture) to mold them into cute little taco bowls.  Bake them in a 375 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes until they turn golden brown.  Set them aside. 


Cook up about a pound of chopped mushrooms with a bit of olive oil in the pan.  I like to add a few pinches of cumin to my mushrooms and a bit of salt, cook them until they are a nice golden brown color and then add a can of  corn to the mushrooms and cook just a few minutes.  Put the mushroom mixture in a bowl.


I sliced up a can of black olives, got out some shredded colby cheese, cut up some tomatoes, put out some sour cream and made our own homemade guacamole!  (I will post our homemade guac another time)  Give everyone a cute little taco shell bowl and let them create their own!  My Little Gluten Free Girl loved making her own taco bowl and eating it up! 🙂

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