Ummm…..YUM!  I had my 3 wonderful sisters over for a fun Sisters Dinner last night and this was the appetizer that I served!  I think it looks so elegant and really tastes good-  I really enjoy making things that are simple, things that use fresh, whole ingredients and really have a refreshing, delicious taste to them and of course are gluten free!  This is one of those things!


Caprese Sushi


This really isn’t sushi, it looks like sushi and it rolls up like sushi but it’s just cheese with tomatoes.  I took one big piece of fresh mozzarella and rolled it out flat.  I sliced two tomatoes in really thin slices and spread them out over the cheese.  I chopped some fresh basil and spread that over the tomatoes as well as some pesto.  I topped it off with some balsamic vinegar/dressing.  I rolled it up and cut it into sushi like pieces and served!  Fun and Yummy 🙂