I love soup!!  I think it started when I was growing up I loved eating chicken with rice soup!  I loved eating mushroom soup!  I love my Mom’s potato soup and I love when she makes a big pot of homemade chicken soup when I go back home to visit:)  So now I love making soup for my family, plus it’s a great way to use up veggies and it makes a lot so it’s great to have for lunch the next day!  Many store bought soups are not gluten free so making my own soup allows me to know for sure what is in the soup and that it’s gluten free!

Italian Soup


Cook up 1 pound of sausage until it’s no longer pink along with 1 medium onion chopped.  Add in 1 can of diced tomatoes, 4 cups of stock, 1 zucchini sliced up, I can of garbanzo beans rinsed and drained and about 2 teaspoons each of dried basil and Italian seasoning.


Bring to a boil and let simmer for about 5 minutes until the zucchini is tender.  Serve with parmesan cheese on top.  Delish 🙂

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