I was looking for something really simple and light a few nights ago for dinner.  I had this pesto that I wanted to use up and we had some frozen shrimp.  This is what I came up!

Pasta with Pesto and Shrimp


Cook the gluten free pasta according to directions on package, I used 1/2 pound of gluten free spaghetti for this dish.  I used store bought pesto for this dish but you certainly could make your own.  I like to put about 3 tablespoons of the pesto on the bottom of a serving bowl and then add in the cooked pasta on top of the pesto and mix it all together.  You can cook the shrimp however you like, I grilled it this time just for a few minutes on each side on a skewer with a little olive oil.  It really doesn’t need much because the pesto is such a strong flavor that olive oil is enough on the shrimp.  I added a pinch of parmesan cheese on top.  Simple yet sassy and satisfying! 🙂