I was so excited My Mom and Dad were coming to our house for Father’s Day! I had a hard time deciding what to make so finally my Husband (who ended up being sick on Father’s Day and didn’t even have any bacon) said he wanted bacon so I decided to make BLT’s for everyone ( my sister and brother in law joined us too).
I decided to just put out all of the ingredients and people could make their own depending on what they like on their sandwich including using gluten free bread or regular bread or even doing a BLT lettuce wrap with no bread! Choices, choices, choices but I thought that would be a fun way to enjoy a classic sandwich on Father’s Day with everyone building their sandwich their way!

Father’s Day BLT Sandwiches

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I just cut up 3 tomatoes and 1 avocado and put out on a platter. 


I toasted regular bread for those that wanted that or gluten free bread for those that wanted that and put out some classic mayo for people to use.  I cooked up 1 pound of bacon and put that out as well.  My Mom even did an open faced BLT sandwich which I thought was a good way to enjoy it as well.


I also put out nice pieces of big romaine lettuce to either put on the sandwich or use as the lettuce wrap in place of the bread which is what My Little Gluten Free Girl did! 🙂


We also had yummy fruit and gluten free chips to enjoy!  It was fun to watch my sweet kids make their own sandwich the way they like!

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I think it was a fun way to enjoy a nice, light lunch!  What a wonderful Father’s Day 🙂