I had some zucchini I really needed to use up and I was looking for something light and easy for a Sunday night late dinner on a very hot and humid day!  My Little Gluten Free Girl loves kalamata olives and I had a nice jar of roasted red peppers to use up so this was perfect!

Zucchini Salad


I only needed to use one zucchini for this and it made a really nice portion size for 4 of us.  I cut it in half and then cut little moon shaped pieces and put them into a skillet with a bit of olive oil along with 1/2 of a red onion chopped into good size pieces.  I added a bit of oregano and salt along with 2 tablespoons of Greek vinaigrette dressing and cooked the zucchini and onions until they were a bit soft.


While the zucchini and onions were cooking I chopped up 1 jar of roasted red peppers into good size pieces and threw into a large bowl.  To the roasted red peppers I added about 2 large handfuls of whole kalamata olives.


Toss in the zucchini mixture with the peppers and olives and mix together


You can serve this dish warm or cold- either way it was good.  I added a pinch of parmesan cheese on top!  Light and Tasty 🙂