Oh my gosh this was so fun!  My Little Gluten Free Girl and My Sweet Boy and I were playing outside this morning and I asked them what they wanted for lunch- well we all had different cravings for lunch so this idea came to me in order to meet all of our needs!  This is what we created in the kitchen for lunch on a hot summer, playful Saturday afternoon 🙂  Really fun way to eat lunch together!

Lunch on a Stick


Each of us wanted something a little different for lunch so this is what I came up with so all three of us could have what we wanted!  It was fun and simple to put our lunch on a stick 🙂

My Little Gluten Free Girl wanted ham and cheese and she loves pickles so I just put  a few pieces of gluten free ham along with a few pieces of her favorite cheese and some pickles on her skewer for a Ham and Cheese Sandwich on a stick without the bread 🙂

My Sweet Boy wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I just made him one on gluten free bread and cut it into 4 smaller pieces and put them on a skewer for his peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a stick lunch along with a few strawberries.

I have said before that I could eat anything caprese anytime and all the time!  So I of course had caprese salad on a stick for my lunch.  I just cut up one tomato and a few pieces of fresh mozzarella and put them on a skewer along with some fresh basil leaves for my lunch on a stick.  I also put a little cup of basil pesto on the side to go with mine.

So much fun and what a great way to enjoy lunch with my kids 🙂

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