So, I loved the Ruben Quesadilla that I posted a little bit ago on my blog, it really got me enjoying quesadillas.  I decided to create quesadillas with things we love and this is one of them! Mushrooms and cheese, come on!  YUM!

Mushroom Melt Quesadillas


Just chop up a few cups of mushrooms and cook in a little olive oil, I used my wild mushroom and sage olive oil.  Add in 1/2 cup of chopped onion and let cook for about 7 minutes adding in a few teaspoons of salt and cumin towards the end.


Shred some monterey jack cheese and a little cheddar or colby, whatever kind of cheese you prefer.  


Put mushroom mixture on a tortilla, corn tortilla of course to make it gluten free, sprinkle cheese on top and cover with another tortilla.


Cook in a non stick skillet with no oil until golden brown on both sides.  I sprinkle a little lemon pepper seasoning on top and serve nice and warm 🙂 I literally had these for lunch and dinner one day and lunch and dinner the next day 🙂  HA!

IMG_9624 IMG_9626