I am writing this still in the holiday spirit as you can see in the picture 🙂  What a great 2013!  This was the year I started my blog 🙂  Something I have wanted to do for a while and finally did it!

I can’t believe I have posted 100 different recipes on my blog!  When I started my blog in April I was just so excited to share some of our favorite gluten free meals that we make and eat at our house!  I really enjoy taking recipes that I find and making them my own gluten free version.  I also love finding great meals that we love as a family!  I really, really love cooking with My Little Gluten Free Girl!  I also love getting my son and husband in the kitchen whenever they want to cook with us 🙂  I have truly enjoyed sharing our gluten free dishes with you, dishes that we have tweaked, added things, subtracted things and have put our love into making!

For my last blog post of 2013, which also happens to be my 100th blog post, I am going to post a simple scrambled egg toast dish that is so easy and so yummy I think it is a perfect end to 2013.  I started my blog in April of 2013 with a mushroom dish because we love mushrooms in our house and I am going to end 2013 with an egg dish because we love eggs in our house!

Easy Egg Scramble on Toast

My Little Gluten Free Girl loves her gluten free toast and she loves eggs so this is a perfect dish!  You could actually eat this for a great breakfast or you could even eat it for lunch or for a fun dinner.  We made this for dinner and had a fun breakfast for dinner night 🙂


I first just scrambled up about 5 eggs nice and slow on low heat.


I added in a handful of chopped red peppers and a handful of sliced black olives.  I also sprinkled in a little salt and dried oregano.


I then added in a handful of spinach and turned off the heat and let it wilt into the eggs.

Take two pieces of gluten free bread and toast them up.  Spread a pinch of butter on each piece of toast.

Put a good amount of the scrambled eggs on each piece and enjoy 🙂