People ask me for examples of what My Little Gluten Free eats for lunch, so I thought I would share a few typical examples of our gluten free lunches at home:)  She doesn’t eat that much at lunch, so it’s almost more of a snack.  My Little Gluten Free Girl likes to snack throughout the day and have a bigger dinner in the evening.

Our Gluten Free Fun Lunches at Home



My Little Gluten Free girl pretty much made this lunch herself 🙂 She loves good gluten free deli turkey. I put a little avocado on the turkey!  She loves olives and feta cheese, so a lovely olive and feta salad and a yummy cheese stick.  Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂


This lunch was just some plain gluten free turkey and a few mini quiches.  YUM!



This lunch is one of our favorites!  Just simple tomatoes that we put in the oven and roasted for a bit with a piece of fresh mozzarella cheese on top and some basil!


Cheese and Fruit

This lunch is just a simple piece of gluten free colby cheese, plain potato chips, some turkey and grapes.


I am sure I will be posting more examples of Our Gluten Free Fun Lunches at home Together 🙂  Maybe I will post examples of breakfast, snacks and dinner too!