The kids and I had a fun day after school yesterday making fun Halloween treats/snacks.  What fun we had making them and being creative 🙂  Enjoy and feel free to add your own twist!

Pudding Graveyards


 All you do is take a pudding cup and add fun things to it making it look like a graveyard!

IMG_7544 IMG_7545

The kids had fun doing this and I had a great time watching them create 🙂

IMG_7557 IMG_7559

We added some gummy worms, some crushed up Oreo cookies(not gluten free) to make it look like more dirt on top of the chocolate pudding.  My Little Gluten Free Girl used mini chocolate chips for this instead of the cookies which my son used.  We added a Milano cookie for the tombstone(these are not gluten free so My Little Gluten Free Girl didn’t use this but my son did).

IMG_7569 IMG_7546

 Make them gluten free and yummy 🙂

IMG_7572 IMG_7551