My Little Gluten Free Girl loves potatoes so I was telling my husband my idea for these potatoes and I said I will make them later in the week.  Well apparently he couldn’t wait and he requested them the next evening for dinner!  They turned out even better than I had thought 🙂  

Stuffed Potatoes


 First cut up a head of broccoli and boil it for a few minutes to just get it tender.  Chop it up and set aside.

IMG_7579 IMG_7582 IMG_7584

I took our favorite gluten free salami and just put it in a dry skillet for a few minutes to get it crispy and then chopped it up.



Clean and scrub the potatoes and poke several holes in each one with a fork.  Put in the microwave for 14 minutes.  Take out and let cool.


Cut off 1/3 of the potato and scoop out some of the flesh so you can stuff each potato.


 Mix the flesh that you scooped out with the chopped salami and broccoli.


Mix together well adding a few pinches of salt and mix in a few pats of butter while it’s warm so it melts in a little.


Stuff each potato with a heaping scoop of the broccoli mixture.

Gluten Free and Yummy 😉