These were so fun and so cute to make!  Both of my kids really enjoyed these as a snack 🙂  My Little Gluten Free Girl and I had so much fun making these!

Banana Mummies


Peel a few bananas and cut them in half and put skewers into each half.  Put on a baking sheet and put into the freezer for a few hours.


 Melt some good gluten free white chocolate in a microwave at 30 second intervals stirring after each interval until the chocolate is melted enough to make it easy to drizzle.


Take the bananas out of the freezer.  Drizzle a spoonful of the melted white chocolate over each banana.


 We put cute little edible eyeballs (gluten free of course) on each one.

IMG_8005 IMG_8006

Enjoy!  Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂