This was so fun and simple to do and everyone in the house ate it up on Halloween while we were busy getting ready to go out trick or treating!

Our Veggie Pumpkin


All we did was get out our favorite veggies and created a pumpkin with things we like, including gluten free blue cheese dressing!

I bought one bag of baby carrots and we put them all around on a big white plate designing the outside of the pumpkin and filling it in.


Next, we placed a few caps off a bottle for the eyes and put gluten free blue cheese dressing in them and a little dish for the nose with blue cheese dressing in it as well.


Cut up a few cucumbers in half moons and create the mouth.

 Finally, cut off a little tree of broccoli for the pumpkin stem!


So cute!  Happy Halloween!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂