I love games around the holidays so we decided to have a last minute game night last weekend at our house and had a blast!  So, I thought I would post our favorite gluten free game night food that we had on hand so we could just quick put it out for a fun evening of games, good company, laughter and fun gluten free treats!

Game Night Gluten Free Food


As you can see Olaf joined our game night,  so My Little Gluten Free Girl thought she would dress up in her Elsa costume to join the fun of game night!

Of course I want to make sure My Little Gluten Free Girl can eat safely when food is out on the table when people are over, so we for sure put out our favorite go to gluten free snack/appetizer that we always have on hand!  Our gluten free salami platter with really good gluten free salami, gluten free cheese and of course gluten free crackers.


To go along with this yummy gluten free platter, we put out our all time favorite black olives, feta stuffed green olives and some tortilla chips and salsa!

We also put out some yummy gluten free cheese spread and black bean/rice crackers.

We added some clementines and some chocolate covered potato chips.

The only thing that wasn’t gluten free was a plate of cookies.

Just Let it Go and enjoy!  Gluten Free and Yummy 😉