These are really a yummy, satisfying, gluten free and vegetarian meal that we all really enjoy!  My Little Gluten Free Girl made a smiley face out of her burrito before she rolled it up 🙂

Rice Burritos


I made a big batch of spanish rice.  You can certainly make your own from scratch but this time I used a store box kind that is gluten free and we really like the flavor of it.


My Little Gluten Free Girl loves sour cream on her burritos or tacos or anything like that, so she first spreads sour cream on her corn tortilla.

IMG_9408 IMG_9407

Next, take the finished rice and put a few spoonfuls on the tortilla.


Just top with your favorite toppings, roll up and enjoy!  We like black olives, a little cheddar cheese and salsa.

Gluten Free and Yummy 😉