My Little Gluten Free Girl is in Kindergarten!  I can’t believe it!  I have thought about this for years…..what will she eat and what kind of snacks will she bring, what will she do for lunch etc…I have decided to pack her lunch.  Of course that requires planning and packing yummy gluten free lunches for her to bring to school everyday, not to mention a snack for her to have at school.

So, I will be posting lots of gluten free lunch ideas this year!

Here was our First Day of School Lunch.


I made little skewers on toothpicks.  I used My Little Gluten Free Girl’s favorite things to put on the skewer.  Black olives, chunks of mozzarella cheese, pickles and pepperoni!  A side of chips and gluten free crackers and of course her favorite, a Babybel for dessert 🙂

Gluten Free and Yummy 😉

Cheers to a wonderful Gluten Free School Year!