Oh my gosh we loved making these…..so cute!!!  We decided Santa probably gets enough cookies while he is delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.  So, My Little Gluten Free Girl wanted to give him one of her favorite gluten free snacks, Babybel Cheese, of course!

Babybel Santa Belts


Our note reads…Dear Santa, Thought you might want a healthy snack that’s Gluten Free instead of all of those cookies…Love, Trey and Peyton  P.S. We have been extra good this year 🙂

All we did was take our favorite Babybel cheese rounds, set them aside after peeling the outside wrap off.

We cut out the belt buckle out of yellow paper and the belt out of black paper and we didn’t even tape it on, we just put them on the Babybel and it just kind of stuck on there!  Super CUTE!!!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂