We just returned from a wonderful trip to Disney World!  This dish was created by my husband while we were on our vacation.  We cooked some meals in our condo at our resort because we had a full kitchen, which was nice!  We had eggs, guacamole and bread so this is what he came up with and it’s delicious!  In fact, since we have been back, we have had these at least once for dinner!

Vacation Fried Egg and Guacamole Sandwiches

IMG_6787 IMG_6784

Of course I used gluten free bread when making these and I actually used store bought guacamole, you certainly could make your own.

Just fry up an egg, I like to use a little butter in the skillet and a little olive oil when frying an egg.  A pinch of salt and I like to cover it for a few minutes as well.


Toast a piece of gluten free bread and instead of butter, spread it with guacamole.  Don’t be shy with the guacamole, you want to taste it!


My husband likes it as a classic sandwich with two pieces of bread, but My Little Gluten Free Girl likes it as an open faced sandwich using just one piece of bread.  Do whatever suits your taste.  Put one or two fried eggs on the toast.  Enjoy!

IMG_6787 IMG_6790

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂