My Little Gluten Free Girl turns 6 🙂  I can’t believe it!  She has been eating Gluten Free for 5 years!  WOW!  We found out she had Celiac almost exactly 5 years ago and since then, we have been creating gluten free dishes in our kitchen, experimenting and finding fun ways to make dishes gluten free 🙂

It’s been amazing learning how to cook and create and eat gluten free 😉  To celebrate her birthday we had a fun pizza bar at her birthday party!  There are a few different ways you can do the pizza crust.  You can try to find gluten free english muffins to use, they now have frozen gluten free pizza crust, you could use a corn tortilla, you could use gluten free bread, anything to make the crust gluten free.  We set out a bunch of our favorite pizza toppings and let guests create their own MASTERPIZZA’s!  HA!  What fun 🙂

Birthday Pizza Bar

We set out pizza sauce and pesto to start, then we had Canadian bacon and pepperoni for the meats.  For the veggies we had black olives, pineapple, roasted red peppers, artichokes, onion and green olives.  We had some basil for the seasoning and then of course mozzarella cheese to top it off.  YUM!


Everyone created their own pizza and I cooked them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

IMG_6906 IMG_6909

One Grandma made gluten free cupcakes and one Grandma made a gluten cake! 


Such a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday to our wonderful 6 year old 🙂  We love you!!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂