These were so fun to put together and they were a hit at the party!  What a great way to serve veggies at a party and they look so cute 🙂

Veggie Cups


Oh my gosh these were so fun!  I took My Little Gluten Free Girl’s favorite veggies and put them in a cup with a little dressing on the bottom!  CUTE 🙂


You really can use any kind of vegetable that you would like!  We used grape tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red, yellow and orange bell peppers.  Cut the carrots and cucumbers into strips about the same length as well as the bell peppers.  We put the tomatoes on toothpicks.  

We used gluten free ranch dressing for half of the cups and gluten free blue cheese dressing for the other half of the cups.

Arrange the vegetables in the cup on top of the dressing.  Just a bit of dressing will do.


Super cute, super fun, super healthy and of course….. Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂