This is our new favorite summer pasta salad!  I am calling it summer pasta salad because I can whip it up on a hot day and have a great meal in minutes without turning the oven on, just boiling the pasta! 

My Little Gluten Free Girl loves this pasta salad which makes me happy 🙂  Happy Summer!!

Summer Pasta Salad


Boil your favorite gluten free pasta according to the package directions.  We used about 1/2 bag of pasta (about 6 oz.)

Meanwhile, slice up one can of black olives.  Chop up a few stalks of broccoli.  We used string cheese, so we just cut up a few sticks of string cheese.  Chop up your favorite gluten free deli ham, about 5 slices of ham or more if you would like – the ham is the star of the salad 😉

Throw all of these ingredients in a big bowl and mix in the pasta when finished cooking.  Add your favorite gluten free Italian dressing over the pasta and mix in really well with all of the ingredients. (we used a good amount of dressing, use the amount that works for you as the pasta really soaks up the dressing…we used about 1/4 cup at least 😉

Serve warm or cold!  Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂