AHHH!  Can’t believe the school year is here!!  Yesterday, the kids had a fantastic First Day of School, which makes Mom very happy 🙂  When they got home, we made these cute little snacks that were just perfect for the First Day of School and all of the ingredients the kids loved!  I was inspired by seeing a version of this on Pinterest and so I had to go ahead and put our own gluten free twist on it!  

Happy School Year to my Sweet 1st Grader and 4th Grader 🙂


First Day of School Pencil Snack


All we did was use string cheese for the pencil, a peanut for the pointy part, a raisin for the tip and a piece of ham for the eraser!!  SUPER cute and the kids ate them up 🙂


Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂