We love making appetizer platters to bring places for celebrations!  This is our Christmas Tree Cheese Platter that we made to bring along to share at our family Christmas!!

 Super healthy and simple and Gluten Free for the Holidays!

Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

img_1143 img_1148

Something a little funny:  we were so excited to make this and bring this to our family Christmas and as it turned out- we ended up totally forgetting it in our fridge!!  AHHH!

So, we ended up eating it ourselves for New Year’s!  HA!  Either way, it was still yummy!

All we did was take green grapes and cubes of Colby and Pepper Jack cheese along with Mozzarella string cheese (which we used for the stem of the tree) and created a Christmas Tree!

How fun, festive, Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂