On my gosh these were so fun, even my sweet boy enjoyed this gluten free version of a BLT!  Waffle fries are a big hit in our house so these were the perfect solution to use as bread for our little BLT sandwiches! (Of course bacon is big in our house too 🙂

BLT Waffle Fries



Such a fun, easy and delicious after school snack!  Oh my gosh we all loved these!  I certainly didn’t make enough to go around!

Just toss a bag of gluten free waffle fries in the oven according to package directions.

Take out, spread mayo on each waffle fry and put a piece of bacon, a piece of lettuce and one sliced tomato creating a little BLT sandwich with the waffle fries being the bread.

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂