This was so fun to make with My Little Gluten Free Girl!  She separated the different colors of Skittles in cups which was fun to do and we just created a cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day Treat!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow and Pot of Gold Treat

So simple, cute, gluten free and yummy 🙂

Skittles are truly one of My Little Gluten Free Girl’s favorite treats so this was perfect!

Of course marshmallows are always a fun and tasty treat so that worked out well to put mini marshmallows on top of the rainbow for the clouds!  We put a candy gold coin on the bottom for the pot of gold but you could use Rolo’s candy or anything you find for the pot of gold.

Just put your pot of gold on the bottom or wherever you want it, then stack the skittles (or whatever candy you use, M & M’s would work well too) in rainbow color order and top with the marshmallow clouds!  Super CUTE!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂