Since going Gluten Free I have lost over 20 pounds- our daughter has grown and is a happy & healthy girl- I have discovered a new passion for cooking- we as a family enjoy cooking and eating together- we cook as much as we can with whole foods- we have learned what foods are naturally gluten free and make every effort to cook and eat those foods everyday- as you can see going Gluten Free has really changed our lives for the better 🙂

We love cooking and creating gluten free dishes! I enjoy taking recipes and adding and subtracting to them to make them gluten free!  Of course every ingredient that I use in all of these recipes are gluten free and I use whole and natural foods as much as possible!

Exactly two years ago I turned to my husband and said – Here We Go Gluten Free! We found out that our sweet 1 year old little girl had celiac!  If you would have told me two years ago I would be writing my own blog about cooking in our gluten free kitchen- I would have asked, what is a blog and what does it mean to be gluten free?  HA!  I can’t believe I am writing a blog but I am so excited and passionate about the last two years of exploring gluten free cooking and creating gluten free dishes that I have to share!

Our Daughter is 3 years old now and we love to cook together!  Two years ago I didn’t like to cook, I didn’t know what gluten free meant and now as a family- we all enjoy cooking together and we all know what it means to be gluten free!  It’s been two years of exploring, learning, creating and having fun in our new gluten free world that has brought me to this blog!

I look forward to sharing our gluten free creations from our gluten free world 🙂