This is so cute!!!  Could not be any easier and the kids devoured it after school!  What a healthy and fun after school snack for Easter 😉

Easter Veggie Carrot Snack

I just cut slices of carrot and arranged them on a platter in the shape of a real carrot.

 Chopped up a few pieces of broccoli and added that for the top of the carrot!  

Seriously, how cute!!!

Happy Easter!!!  Gluten Free and Yummy 😉




This was so fun to make and really pretty!  It was very simple yet tasty and a great way to eat asparagus!

My Little Gluten Free Girl loved this salad and so did my husband 😉

Perfect to bring to Easter Brunch, which is what I am doing 🙂

Asparagus Salad

Just shave a few spears of asparagus with a vegetable peeler.

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper onto the asparagus.

Top with some fresh shaved parmesan cheese and bacon!  Really easy and tasty!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂


Oh my gosh these are perfect gluten free treats because Rice Krispies are not gluten free and they don’t make the gluten free ones anymore, from what I hear.  My Mother In Law made these using Fruity Pebbles, which are gluten free and they turned out well.

So, I was thinking about what other cereals we could use and Lucky Charms are perfect because they are gluten free and both of my kids love them!!  These are so fun and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!!

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars

Start off by melting 4 Tablespoons of butter in a big pot on top of the stove.  Mix in a 10.5 oz. bag of mini marshmallows, plus 1 cup.  We used a mix of the color marshmallows and white marshmallows!  

After the marshmallows are pretty much melted, add in about 5 or 6 cups of Lucky Charms cereal, depending on how thick or thin you like the mixture to be.

 Stir until mixed.

Make sure to butter a 9×13 pan really well before spreading the mixture out in the pan.

Let sit for a few hours.  They turned out really sticky but tasty!  Everyone in the house loves them and they even turned a little green because of the colored marshmallows and lucky charms in there!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂

This was so fun to make with My Little Gluten Free Girl!  She separated the different colors of Skittles in cups which was fun to do and we just created a cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day Treat!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow and Pot of Gold Treat

So simple, cute, gluten free and yummy 🙂

Skittles are truly one of My Little Gluten Free Girl’s favorite treats so this was perfect!

Of course marshmallows are always a fun and tasty treat so that worked out well to put mini marshmallows on top of the rainbow for the clouds!  We put a candy gold coin on the bottom for the pot of gold but you could use Rolo’s candy or anything you find for the pot of gold.

Just put your pot of gold on the bottom or wherever you want it, then stack the skittles (or whatever candy you use, M & M’s would work well too) in rainbow color order and top with the marshmallow clouds!  Super CUTE!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂

My husband has a co worker who brings this salad to work and my husband thought it looked good so he wanted to try to make his own version at home and it really turned out yummy!!

Cauliflower and Artichoke Salad

We all loved this salad in our house!  When I saw my husband putting it together I wasn’t sure how the flavors were going to taste when they were mixed all together, but it works!!

We kind of just added what we had around the house but the two main ingredients you really want to have in this salad are cauliflower and artichokes!  We added shredded carrots, sliced black olives, sliced green olives, diced cucumber and of course jarred artichokes (chopped up a bit) with a bit of the juice from the jar and cut up cauliflower florets!  Add a pinch of sea salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil (I used lemon olive oil).  

Make sure you add a bit of the liquid that comes in the jar of artichokes, it’s an oil based liquid that really adds some flavor!  You could also add broccoli if you had it, that would be good as well!  Just mix it all together really well!  Add more salt and pepper to taste.

So tasty!!  My Little Gluten Free Girl and Daddy had fun creating this dish together 😉

(I just love all of these pictures of Daddy and Daughter cooking in the kitchen) 

Gluten Free and Yummy!!

Seriously, 4 ingredients for these delicious enchiladas!  Chicken, enchilada sauce, cheese and corn tortillas.


I used rotisserie chicken which makes this so simple to make any day of the week!


Just shred the chicken and set aside.  I put a pinch of salt and pepper and dried sage in the chicken and just mixed it all together and added just a sprinkle of garlic salt as well.

Take a corn tortilla and put some chicken and shredded cheddar cheese in it and roll it up.  Layer some gluten free enchilada sauce in a 9×13 casserole dish and place the enchiladas on top of the sauce.  Make as many as you can get out of the chicken and top with the remaining enchilada sauce and of course top with more shredded cheddar cheese!  I used 2 cans of gluten free enchilada sauce and use as much or as little cheese as you wish.


Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes, until the cheese is melted on top and the tortilla’s are nice and crispy around the edges.

Serve with guacamole or sour cream if you wish!

Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂





These turned out way better than I even thought they would!  They were so delicious!

They taste just like pizza!

Quinoa Pizza Bowls


I used my go to quinoa package that you put in the microwave for 90 seconds.


Cover the bottom of the dish with your favorite pizza sauce and then layer with the cooked quinoa, then add any toppings you would like.  I added pepperoni and artichokes and a pinch of dried basil and garlic salt.  The next layer is a little shredded mozzarella cheese.

Repeat these steps until you get to the top and sprinkle with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese with a pinch of dried Italian Seasoning.

fullsizeoutput_9fe fullsizeoutput_9fa fullsizeoutput_9f9

Bake in the oven for about 15-18 minutes, until golden brown on top!

  Delicious!!   Gluten Free and Yummy 🙂

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